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Accuracy of Information


The New Zealand Government Directory (NZGD) brings together information from a range of public sources or which have been supplied by relevant organisations or individuals.


We cannot guarantee the accuracy of the supplied information.





A feature of this web site allows subscribers to customise lists of information and export them to external programmes. As a consequence, in order for NZGD to protect its intellectual property, refunds of subscriptions due to the web site not meeting subscriber expectation will be negotiated on a case by case basis. If NZGD can establish that no list exports have been performed, then progressive refunds will be given based on the number of months the subscriber has had access to the website. No refunds will be given after 3 months’ access.





NZGD will retain a record of subscriber emails and contact details for the sole purpose of notifying subscribers of important updates or modifications to the website, and to renew your subscription. These contact detials will not be provided to any other third party. 





You agree to keep your login information confidential and not permit any unauthorised user to use your login details. As per the terms of your subscription, access to Government Directory is limted to the three registered users. Identification of use by other parties will require payment for their subscription.



GST Invoice



Once we have received your email registering your interest to subscribe a GST invoice will be sent to you. Upon payment, login details will be emailed to you accordingly. 



Availability of Site


It is our endeavour to make this web site available on a 24/7 basis.  Updates are made ‘real time’ which should pose little disruption to public access. However, at times the site may be unavailable due to maintenance, and significant updates such as after a General election or Cabinet reshuffle.

The performance of the site is standard across all web browsers. However if you are experiencing issues with how data is displayed,we recommend you to try logging in via another browser.



Intellectual Property Right


Whilst the majority of the information provided on this website is in the public domain, the way it has been researched, compiled and presented remains the property of the site owner.  Users are prohibited from reproducing, adapting or distributing any of this material without the expressed permission of the site owner. Please email info@governmentdirectory.co.nz if you wish to reproduce information to ask for our permission. 





A standard subscription permits the subscriber to nominate three authorised users. Payment of the standard subscription is your acknowledgement of this condition.



Acceptance Of Policies


Taking out a subscription is acknowledgement of acceptance of our policies.


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