Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

The New Zealand Government Directory Online has been designed to help you search and develop contacts lists quickly and easily. However, you might want to keep the following FAQs in-mind when conducting more advanced searches and managing list creation.



1. How do I search for select profile information?


Go to ‘Search’ in the top toolbar and in the white space provided, input your selected keywords and click ‘Search, much as you would in any other search engine.


Depending on the keyword inputted, the site will produce a list of categorised profile pages to select from. Each profile features a ‘More Info link in their bottom right corner - click here to view the profile in a new window / tab.


*Be careful to check your spelling if you are searching for a specific keyword or phrase



2. How do I refine or filter my search?


To help you filter down topic searches to only information and profiles of relevance, we have added filtering controls on the left hand side of the search page. You can use these to narrow down your search results after doing a keyword search – simply click the category of interest and the page will automatically update.



3. How do I conduct an 'advanced search'?


If you would like to isolate and search for an exact phrase, simply type it in with quotation marks around the phrase you want to isolate. For example, a search for "Rugby World Cup" would find MPs with responsibilities in that area, but would not find MPs who just happened to mention "rugby" in their description.


When typing in your keyword to ‘Search’ field, note that you are able to select the key sections to search within from a drop-down box:



Additionally, you can use a wildcard (asterisk) at the end of any of your keywords. For example, the keyword industr* would find results that included words like "Industry" and also "Industrial".


Please note that wildcards do not activate at the start or in the middle of words, or inside exact (quoted) phrases.



4. How do I create my own contacts or address list?


On the right hand side of the search page is an Address list, which you can build and add to as you go simply by clicking on the arrow. To transfer a searched item to your Address list, simply click the arrow icon:



You can build up this list with multiple searches, but the list will clear if you leave the search page.



5. How do I export my address list from the website?


When you're done searching and adding contacts to your Address list, click the word ‘EXPORT sitting beneath the list and choose your preferred file format. If you select ‘Excel’ for a spreadsheet format your list will be transferred into a workable file you can take offline:








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